Mini Militia Mod APK Droid Pirates

You may already know that the mini militia mod apk droid pirates is one of the most popular mod apk for the mini militia games nowadays. Currently, new features and additions have been incorporated in to the hack which makes it even more exciting and interesting to play the game of mini militia. This article will teach you how you can obtain this hack.

Mini Militia Mod APK Droid Pirates

First Method

The first method and is to first get access to the lucky patcher version 6.0 plus. This can be downloaded directly from the website. Second, get access to mini militia. Third, get root access to your device.

Afterwards, open the lucky patcher and the grand root access. Look for mini militia and then navigate through the options. Open the menu of patches, select in app emulation, press ok and wait, and then launch when it is done. Open the mini militia then go to upgrade and then select purchase. A small window will pop up on the screen. Press yes. After that, you have successfully purchased the pro pack and you are now able to gain access to its features.

Second Method

The first method involves the use of the titanium backup. First, of course you need the titanium backup. Go to root explorer. Then back up the file. Download directly from the website. Afterwards, unzip the file you have just downloaded and then cope those files to your titanium backup folder. Open the titanium backup then select mini militia. Select restore data.

And there you go. You now have the mini militia mod apk droid pirates in your device. You should now make the absolutely best use of it to be able to gain the upper hand and all the advantage in playing the mini militia game.

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